Netschaton Apocalyptic Elements Series
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Masons, Masonry, and Masonic Gnosis figure prominently in much conspiracy theory. Part of this folklore has to do with another set of legends of secret brotherhoods of the Holy Grail, and other sacred relics of Jesus such as the Shroud of Turin. The Knights Templar and the Pričure de Sion would be examples.

Mary of Magdala would have been according to these interrelated legends, the wife or mistress of Jesus, who presumably bore him "super" children. These super children supposedly became Europe's Royal Houses.

This subversive reading of the Gospel accounts of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection and of Christian tradition in general, leads naturally to a concern for European Royal bloodlines in this type of discourse.

Masons, in legend, date their origins to many ancient civilizations, but especially to Egypt and Babylon. They are the presumed keepers of both occult and material architectural knowledge. They would be the brotherhood of builders of everything from the Pyramids to Chartres. Most importantly they were the builders of God's House the beit ha mikdash. This is the part of the legend that seems the most of interest.

The United States is supposed, in some versions of conspiracy theory and apocalypticism, to bear the mark of Masonry in such things as the Great Seal of the United States, the obelisks, Pentagon and layout of Washington D.C., and the fact that the Founding Fathers were supposedly Masons.


Examples of Masonic Conspiracy Theory

The Deadly Deception by Jim Shaw as told to Tom McKenney is the story of a former 33rd degree Mason and his conversion to evangelical Christianity. The book contains detailed descriptions of Masonic rituals and beliefs and attempts to portray them as sinister and anti-Christian. (1988, Huntington House)

Things to Consider

Is the term Holy Grail the "San Greal" or the "Sang Real" or both?
What exactly is the Grail? Ark=Manna Machine= Cup or Cauldron of Life and Plenty, or something else?

What significance do the Benjamites, Arcadians, Franks, Merovingians and Magdala have to the narratives of this genus of apocalyptic discourse?

What does Nietzsche have to say if anything about these legends?

Who are the Carolingians relative to these stories?

How are the Cathars in Southern France related to Grail Legends?

What role do Rosicrucians play in some examples of this type of discourse?

Leonardo da Vinci, Jean le Cocteau, Umberto Eco, Isaac Newton, Claude Debussy, Jacques de Molay, Godfroi de Bouillon are all supposed to have what in common?

Rennes le Chateau, Sauničre, La Maddalena, Temple Treasure, the body of Jesus, Johannine Christianity

P2 Lodge in Italy- Opus Dei, Cavalieri di Malta

What are some of the various definitions offered for the Priory of Zion?


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