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  Netschaton: Apocalypse on the Web

What claims are different groups making on the Net for the year 2000 and following? From what do such claims arise and how should they best be evaluated?

Christian Fundamentalists

A standard Protestant Christian Fundamentalist scenario is the one in which people are required to have a bio-chip implanted under their skin as sort of digital extension of the nervous system, and prerequisite to a cashless, bit-based commerce. This belief predates the advent of the Internet by several years  (see for example the 1970's Mark IV films), but probably does not predate the advent of computers.

The salient Christian Fundamentalists doctrines in  regard to the endtimes are those which refer to Resurrection and Reward, e.g.  "the Rapture", or which refer to Judgment and Punishment, e.g., "the Tribulation". The Rapture would be the sudden translation of millions of Christian believers worldwide when Christ comes secretly "as a thief in the night." This is believed to be an event distinct from the Parousia or the Second Coming of Christ to the literal surface of the Earth. In plainer terms, in the Rapture scenario, millions of people would suddenly disappear and many graves would be found disturbed and empty. In addition, some rapture scenarios depict a simultaneous cosmic sign or warning. The Rapture is supposed then to be the first public Resurrection of the Church in Christian apocalyptic time. The Tribulation is regarded as judgment for an unbelieving World.

Television prophecy preacher Jack Van Impe and radio prophecy preacher Chuck Missler (see interview with Gershon Salamon on K-House Archives Page) best represent these views. Both offer commentary on the gray aliens and UFO mythology.

Christian Fundamental apocalypticism frequently contain strong anti-Catholic reasonings, elements, and interpretations.

See Christian Fundamentalist Taxonomy

Ultra-Orthodox Jews

The Chabad Lubavitch groups of Hasidism say these are the days of Moschiach and post this message on billboards in Los Angeles. Groups of Orthodox in Israel such as Gershon Salamon, Tuvia Sagiv, Asher Kaufman and others cooperate with Fundamentalist Christian Zionists around the building of the 3rd Jewish Temple its implements, and determining the exact location of the Holy of Holies. Among these unlikely allies are Christian Zionists and B'nei Noachim like Lambert Dolphin and the controversial and flamboyant Vendyl Jones.

See also Christian Zionist and B'nei Noachim

Islamic Fundamentalists

Daijil an evil Zionist political ruler will be opposed to  and persecute Islam. Mahdi is the Islamic Messiah. Isa (Jesus) will descend and destroy the Jewish Moschiach (antichrist) This discourse includes other anti-Zionist anti-Western themes.

Marian and Traditional Catholic

Elements of this type of apocalyptic discourse are frequently drawn from Marian Apparitions and other visions or prophecies of Catholic saints. These elements include The Vatican II Council, Three Days of Darkness, the Chastisement, the Warning, the Ball of Redemption, the prophecy of St. Malachi, the Anti-pope, the Celestial Pope, the Antichrist, Muslims/Islam, heretics, WWW III, Catholic Christian World Emperor Henri of France, the destruction of Rome, and the Parousia.

Examples: See Bayside Prophecies of Veronica Leuken @


Many ufological and New Age-oriented individuals and groups anticipate a proximate public extraterrestrial landing. Elements include: Abductions, hypnotic regression, and sightings.

New Age

New Age apocalyptic discourse features themes of Earth Changes and personal and corporate Ascension/Evolution.

Neo-Gnostic Groups

Certain of these believe the God of the Hebrews and Christians, the one called YHWH, is a colonizing super-alien only interested in spreading his DNA about and demanding slavish fear-based obedience.

Radio Talk Show host
Art Bell brings the media user an "Apocalypse Tonight": The Apocalypse as entertainment, tall tale, or ghost story.

Weird Web Science
-- Orthodox and Non-Orthodox Sciences on the Web --

Is this all just "millennium madness,"? What are the possible and probable consequences of believing such things? Explore these and many other ideas in the following pages.

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