About this Site

The Netschaton site is still in a process of evolution and construction. Its content refers to the practice of apocalyptic discourse on the Internet. It does not refer to the Apocalypse directly or to actual apocalypses, but merely to practices of human language encoding which pertain to the Apocalypse or to apocalypses.

This site's intent is primarily pedagogical; musings about Apocalyptic Discourse, gatherings of resources, and documentation for the claims here made, if any, about apocalyptic discourse and its significance to human communication, life, or society.

Many of the topics treated within Netschaton are controversial, although hopefully herein delicately handled. This is perhaps necessary as Apocalyptic Discourse references the holy things of faith and religion, as well as ancient controversies, divisions and even wars.


Copyrightę 1995 and following by Dino Enrico Cardone